— well hello —

Common Questions

Here are answers to a few common questions, but if you don’t see what you want listed here, please use the form below to send me a more in depth message. I’m always happy to connect. Thank you!

What is this website about?
I'm dedicated to being a Cozy Mystery genre advocate by introducing these books to other readers!
What's your profession?
I'm a graphic designer and the owner of Grunge Muffin Designs, a multi-media studio. I'm also a co-lead of Delaware Fun-A-Day, a statewide community-centric art project and show.
Are you an Author?
Not yet. I've got a few irons in the fire, but I haven't completed a project yet. My big sister is though. <3 I'm working on a children's book and a cozy mystery.
Why Cozy Mysteries?
In a lot of ways I feel like I grew up in one. I was always drinking tea with my grandmother while crafting and watching mysteries.
Will you review my book for me?
Absolutely! I accept ARC but please know that I only give open and honest reviews. Message me a few months before it releases and I'll work it into my schedule.
Where can I connnect with you?
Come talk to me regularly on Instagram or Twitter where I post every other day about my current reads and a little look about my personal life.